Outdoors CityWalk guided tour

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As promised, our November event will be a guided walking tour of some highlights of the city! Chris, a well-travelled, Montreal born and raised “city expert” will lead the tour, taking you through the underground city, in the old port and everywhere in between. Finally, we’ll end our trot at Auberge Jeunesse, the hostel at the end of Mackay for a drink!

$8 includes the entire 4-hour walk, plus a pint of beer at the last stop. You can purchase tickets on Paypal in the Trip Registration section, or stay connected on Facebook for updates about our office hours. Feel free to send us an e-mail or message too! Space is very limited due to the nature of the event, so act fast!

The walk begins at 2 pm and goes until 6 (You’ll see the city light up!), and we can all warm up and chill out at the bar afterwards.

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