Trip Report: Mont Tremblant Hike

May 17th, 2009 by Angelo Leave a reply »

Sunday’s hike at Mont Tremblant may go down as one of our most eventful day trips, ever.

It began as we impatiently headed up to the mountain — perhaps a little too impatiently.  Coming around the corner one after another, we all caught sight of the cruiser on the side of the road at the same time, hitting the breaks.  Unfortunately, we were too late, the cherries came on, and our lead car was motioned over to the side of the road.  Poor Di ended up getting his first speeding ticket ever.  Boo!

Mont Tremblant itself was quite busy, but the trails themselves weren’t particularly crowded.  Which is great, because there were only two trails open, both rated “black diamond”, i.e. advanced.  Sorry, newbie hikers.  But onward we trudged, on the ski lift to the village, up the stairs to the trailhead, and towards the summit.

Finding a lovely waterfall, the group posed for photos, hamming it up for the camera… at which point Hussein lands butt-first in the frigid glacial river.  At least he brought a spare pair of socks.

Not long after, I misstepped on a slippery rock and performed a flying elbow drop on a boulder.  I aborted the hike at that point as I was pretty sure I’d broken a rib (6.5 hours in the ER said otherwise), but I’m told the rest of the group completed the hike.  Well done folks!

More photos from the hike are available in our Flickr pool.  Upload yours!

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