Newsletter for Monday, 11 January, 2010

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Hello everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the winter break. The CO will be hosting some pretty tasty events soon, so we hope you’ll be checking them out. Our pub night this week will double as a general meeting for those of you who are new and are interested in discovering Concordia Outdoors.

Events and Gatherings

Pub Night 2010

- WHEN: Friday, January the 15th at 1900 hours.

- WHERE: McKibbons Pub on Bishop st, near the Concordia library building.

Try Climbing Night

Feel free to join us! You don’t need to be accredited to climb (just to belay and teach) so you better bring along some muscles.

- WHEN: Wednesday, January the 20th, at 1700 hours.

- WHERE: We meet at the gym

- COST: Check out the rates (roughly around 15-20$) at the Allez-Up website.
5 Days for the Homeless Meeting

5 Days for the Homeless is an annual charity event in which conscientious students brave the mean streets of Montreal for five days, accepting donations that go to Dans La Rue, a non-for-profit organization that puts the proceeds towards services for the needy. Last year the event was a huge success and this year will be even better. Join us during this week’s meeting to see how you can become a greater part of our outdoor community.

- WHEN: Tuesday, January the 12th, at 1900 hours.

- WHERE: 1440 Pierce, apt. 203, buzzer is also 203.

Our annual food drive is in the making, and it’ll take all members’ donations before it can be done! Come to the office during our regular hours and donate non-perishable foods in the bin. It’s for a good cause!

In the Works:

-Tubing Night,
-Skating at Beaver Lake
-Telemark Day (Feb)
-Pub Night (Feb)
-CSSC Orford Ski Trip (March)
-Day Hike (April if the weather permits)

Office Hours
-Monday 16:00-17:50
-Tuesday 12:15-14:15
-Weds: 12:00-14:00
-Thurs: 14:35-15:30

Office hours and meeting times will be subject to change. We should have the schedule fixed by next week.

From all of us at the CO; Anna, Angelo, Hussein, Josh, Thomas, Chris and all of our magnificent volunteers, we thank you for keeping in touch with us and we hope to see you all very soon.

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