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Alright, here we go! After a successful meeting last night, we’re proud to announce our next activities! Some we are still unsure of and others need fine-tuning, but here’s what we are planning for the next few months:

- Guided City tour with the infamous “Chris” and post-tour drinks
- A trip to an indoor rock climbing centre (probably Allez Up!)

- Getting a team together for Le Gym’s Terry Fox run, details to come shortly

- Outing to the Banff film festival
- An intro to winter camping trip
- Skating activity
- Snowshoe activity
- Tubing activity

- A longer winter camp/hike overnighter
- A scavenger hunt through the city

- We can start hiking again
- a trip to a traditional Cabane a Sucre!

And of course our weekly runs throughout the year!

How does this all sound?
Sheldon Arcand Laliberte, Emilie Jane Boulanger, Nicolas Greenfield, we have our work cut out for us!

Details to come on the next endeavour, stay tuned!

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