About Us

Hello and welcome to the online home of Concordia Outdoors, the student group dedicated to playing outside.  Please feel free to look around, and send us an e-mail if you’d like to know more.  Happy trails!

After a few years of being inactive (this after a few years of being incredibly active and successful!) we’re back in action and ready to get out into the fresh air, and hope to get you guys out there too.

We will be organizing large group activities and organizing buses out to the “wilderness” for fun activities, but also encourage the building of an outdoor-loving community. Feel free to use our Facebook Page as a forum to make friends and trip buddies, and contact us if you’d like to step up and organize a larger trip with our support. We love initiative!

So to those who hike, who bike, who camp, who run, who ski, who like to make new buddies, who like to breathe fresh air, who like to move around and who love the great outdoors!

Where to find us:

2020 Mackay, P103

Montreal, Quebec  H3G 2J1

approx. 45°29′58.08″ N, 73°34′45.23″ W

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