Trip Code of Conduct

Concordia Outdoors Trip Code of Conduct


If I have not already, I agree to pay the full cost of my trip by the full payment deadline indicated in the event calendar. I understand that I may cancel my reservation at any time prior to the full payment deadline, but that any deposit made will not be refunded to me.*

* You may transfer your reservation to another participant if both parties are willing.


I agree to provide Concordia Outdoors (CO) with an emergency contact number by emailing or by filling out the online registration form by the full payment deadline indicated in the event calendar.

I agree to read in full all correspondence relating to this trip as it is emailed to me at the address I have provided.

I agree to disclose any medical condition (such as allergies) which may be relevant to ensure my safety on this trip and in the event of a medical emergency. I understand that this information will be held in the strictest confidence.

I agree to inform someone where I am going; I will leave a trip itinerary and contact information for Concordia Outdoors organizers with a friend or family member at home.


I agree to carefully read the packing list that will be provided to me by email.

I will take responsibility for ensuring that I bring sufficient, appropriate, and safe equipment, clothing, footwear, food and water for this trip.


For my own safety, I agree to abide by and respect the directives of trip organizers.

I agree not to attempt any sport or activity for which I am not qualified or prepared for.

I agree not to engage in any illegal activity during the course of the trip; I understand I am personally liable for my behaviour during the course of this trip and I assume full legal responsibility for my actions.

I agree to use common sense and to employ due diligence in ensuring my safety and the safety of others.

Although by registering and attending this trip, you are personally responsible and liable for your own actions, you are also a representative of the Concordia Outdoors and Concordia University. We ask you for this reason, as well as your own personal recognizance, that you act in a responsible manner that reflects well upon the CO and Concordia University.

I understand that in addition to potential legal prosecution as a consequence of my actions, I risk being barred from future participation in Concordia Outdoors sponsored activities if I do not abide by this Code of Conduct.