Camping Basics: Excerpts from Our Workshop Series

These PowerPoint Presentations form a part of our camping basics workshop series in which we introduce new campers and hikers to basic techniques for making outdoor experiences as comfortable, safe, and enjoyable as possible. To get the most out of this content, please come out to our next workshop so that organizers can explain the slides and offer a hands-on introduction to outdoor equipment.

Trip Planning:

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What to Pack:

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How to Pack:

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On the Trail:

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Three Day Camping Trip: Generic Packing List

Spring Thaw-Out Retreat: Sample Menus

These Menus were prepared by Meagan and Greg and should be taken as samples only. If you need more help planning your menu for the weekend, please don’t hesitate to email us. Remember that when it comes to camping you have several choices: you can rely on canned and other heavy foods, you can splurge on expensive dehydrated ‘backpacker’ foods from outdoor outfitters, you can dehydrate your own foods (the internet has lots of information about how to do this), or you can search grocery store isles for lightweight and dehydrated foods that can be repackaged for easy camp preparation. For camp recipes, check out outdoor magazines (like Backpacker), internet forums and websites (Google is your friend), and the library.

Sample Vegetarian Menu (for two)

Sample Meaty Menu

Useful Links

Why listen to us when there are experts on the interweb? Here are some links to get you started: